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ahhnuld Everyone knows Arnold Schwarzenegger is a badass, and everyone knows he does a ton of badass things in each movie he’s in. This is a blog dedicated to listing each and every single badass thing he does as each character in each movie. Eventually, I hope to have badass summaries of every Arnold feature film uploaded.

The “*” notation indicates that the action selected has a running occurrence in multiple Arnold movies.

NOTE: The use of the above picture does not support/endorse the listening of anything done by Tim Lambesis. As far as I’m concerned, it’s simply a badass picture of Arnold done by one of the greatest Thrash album cover artists ever, Ed Repka.TerminatorFiles

Completely awesome Terminator source! Probably the best there is.


I added and reformatted some of the pictures on the Badass Levels/Characters page.

Terminator 2 – T-800 (The Terminator)


Rips hole in ground/semi: +15

Goes into biker bar naked: +15

Guy burns cigar into his chest: -10

Breaks his hand: +15

Throws biker through window onto car: +20

Throws biker onto stove: +25

Gets stabbed: -10

Stabs guy on to pool table: +30

Takes gun: +15

Takes shotgun: +20

Takes sunglasses: +10

Peels out on bike: +20

Causes wrecks: +10

Pulls gun out of rose box: +10

Withstands bullets: +20

Blows T-1000 to shit: +25

Pushes/gets pushed into walls: +30

Thrown through window: -20

Causes wrecks: +10

Through gate: +5

Shoots 2 locks to get through gates: +20

Drives around truck: +25

Grabs John: +20

Shoots tire out: +20

Peels out: +20

Breaks into phone to get quarters: +10

Impersonates John on phone: +10

Fools T-1000: +15

Grabs/lets go of John: +10

Stands on one foot: -10

Grabs guy by hair: +25

Breaks black guy’s hand: +15

Shoots guard in leg: +20

Opens gate through breaking window: +15

Throws black guy through window: +30

Throws guy through door window: +25

Throws guy into wall: +20

Woman breaks his glasses: -10

Pushes woman by her face down hall: +15

Catchphrase: “Come with me if you want to live.”: +20

Slows T-1000 down with shots: +20

Shoots T-1000 directly in head, splitting it: +30

Elevator shaft battle: +20

Throws cop into parking lot pillar: +25

Drives backwards, while firing at T-1000: +40

Takes out gate: +10

Shoots at T-1000 who is on back of car: +10

Knocks T-1000 off back of car: +25

Opens garage door: +15

Pulls John into garage: +10

Sews up Sarah’s back cut: +15

Detailed files on human anatomy, which makes him a more efficient killer: +20

Standing with gun all night on watch: +25

Punches out window: +10

Hot-wires car: +10

Catchphrase: “Hasta la vista, baby.”: +20

Catchphrase: “Chill out, dick-wad.”: +25

Catchphrase: “No problemo.”: +15

Tries to smile: +10

Fixes up car: +10

Picks up child: +10

Pulls open weapons storage: +10

Never afraid: +15

Grins with mini-gun: +15

Fixes truck: +10

Catchphrase: “No problemo.” +20

Bonds with John/high-fives: +10

Breaks open door: +10

Cuts off hand to reveal exoskeleton: +25

Catchphrase: “I insist.”: +10

Catchphrase: “Let me try mine.”: +10

Blows door open with grenade: +20

Destroys computers with axe: +10

Kicks desk out window: +20

Uses mini-gun against cops: +50

Uses grenade launcher against cops: +50

Blows through wall to save Sarah: +15

Blows door open: +15

Catchphrase: “I’ll be back.”: +25

Shot hundreds of times: +100

Shoots 7 SWAT members in leg: +70

Shoots one in chest with gas grenade gun: +20

Shoots one in ass: +40

Gas grenades everywhere in parking lot: +50

Catchphrase: “Here, hold this.”: +10

Finds keys: +10

Spins truck into building lobby: +30

Hits cars out of way on freeway: +25

Hits brakes, causing T-1000 to crash helicopter into back of truck: +25

Rolls truck: -20

Steals tiny truck: +15

Man-handled while driving tiny truck: -20

Shoots T-1000 in semi with grenade launcher: +20

Misses shot: -10

Loses grenade: -10

Jumps in back of tiny truck: +20

Jumps on hood of semi: +30

Shoots T-1000 with machine gun: +20

Rolls semi: +20

Rolls to safety: +15

Shoots frozen T-1000: +25

Catchphrase: “Hasta la vista, baby.”: +30

Slams/gets slammed into walls with T-1000: +20

Arm gets caught in gears: -30

Rips arm off to get freed: +15

Rips into T-1000 with steel bar: +25

Beat up by T-1000: -30

T-1000 runs beam into his head: -75

Stabbed through with bar: -75

Reboots: +10

Pulls bar out of chest: +15

Goes up the conveyor belt: +20

Shoots T-1000 with grenade launcher: +100

Catchphrase: “I need a vacation.”: +20

Catchphrase: “I know now why you cry, but it is something I can never do.”: +25

Honorable death, being lowered into molten steel: +15

Badass points: +2185

Unbadass points: -330

Badass total points: +1855

Movie length: 152 minutes

Badass level: 12.20

The Running Man: Benjamin Richards
Flying a helicopter: +10
Tries to save unarmed crowd: +15
Punches guys: +50
Hangs out of the helicopter: +30
Knocked out and taken captive: -50
Working at a steel mill: +20
Has a beard: +10
Carrying a steel beam: +15
Pretends to fight with friend: +20
Throws guy off bridge: +35
Catchphrase: “Give you a lift?” : +30
Shoots 3 guys: +40
Everyone freed: +40
*Smoking a cigar: +20
Admired by Killian: +10
Ties Amber up: +10
Lifts wight set out of the ground: +20
Hawiian shirt: +5
Gets past guard without travel pass: +10
*Amber hits him in balls: -20
Caught in net-gun: -40
Falls on cell floor: -15
Gassed in chamber: -20
*Lady checking him out: +10
Stabs guy in back with pen: +30
Catchphrase: “Don’t forget to send me a copy.”: +20
Spandex: -15
*Catchphrase: “I’ll be back.”: +20
Flying through tunnel in cage: +10
Sub-Zero tackles them all: -20
Throws Arnold against wall: -15
Hockey puck grenade: -15
Arnold saves black guy: +20
Wraps razor wire around Sub-Zero’s throat: +40
Catchphrase: “Sub-Zero, now plain zero!”: +30
High-fives black dude: +10
Saves nerd guy: +15
Catchphrase: “Real pain in the neck!”: +25
Dodges chainsaw: +15
Gets lasso’d: -15
Dragged behind motorcycle: -20
Wraps lasso around pole, which stops bike: +25
Chainsaw struggle: +25
Dodges chainsaw: +15
Puts chainsaw up Buzzsaw’s crotch: +50
Dodges lightning: +15
Hit by lightning: -15
Makes Dynamo crash: +25
Catchphrase: “(Buzzsaw) had to split.”: +20
Rips camera off wall: +10
Catchphrase: “Break your goddamn spine!”: +15
Woman picks Richards to make the next kill: +10
Woman calls him “One mean motherfucker!”: +10

People start betting on Richards: +15

Catchphrase: On the topic of vacationing to Hawaii: “I had the shirt for it, but you fucked it up!.”: +20
Dodges fire: +10
Throws barrels at Fireball: +15
Catchphrase: “How about a light?”: +25
Uses flare to blow up Fireball: +35
Catchphrase: “What a hot head!”: +25
Trapped in cage: -20
Saved by resistance: +15
*Smoking cigar: +20
Loading guns: +10
Incapacitates guard: +20
Storms stage: +15
Shoots 5 guards: +100
Reveals truth about show: +100
Puts Killian in cage: +20
Killian goes through tunnel: +25
Killian goes through picture of himself on beverage billboard, which

explodes: +50
Catchphrase: “Well that hit hte spot.”: +30
Makes out with Amber: +5

Badass level: 1405
Unbadass level: 280
Total badass level: 1125

Length of movie: 101 minutes

Score: 11.14

Total Recall: Douglas Quaidtotal_recall_0

Arnold holding hands with his woman: +5
Slipping on rocks and plummeting to death: -50
Eyes swelling up to the size of peaches: +15
Making out with woman in bed: +15
She gets naked and they do it: +25
Tallest guy walking on commute: +5
Construction job working jack-hammer: +20
*Black receptionist chick checking him out: +10
Choosing to go as a secret agent on his vacation: +10
Rips out of memory chair: +10
Withstands over a dozen tranquilizing shots before passing out: +20
4 guys kidnap him: -30
Snaps 2 of their necks: +50
Shoots 2 of them in the chest: +50
Blood on his hands: +5
Dodging bullets in apartment: +15
Throws chair at bitch: + 10
*Hit in balls and other various places by wife: -30
Throws her over a table: +15
Sliced across chest: -15
Puts gun to her head: +10
Gets necessary info: +10
Punches backstabbing bitch: +20
Bald dude macks his wife: -10
Jumps through x-ray machine: +10
Knocks people out of way on the run: +10
Uses guy as shield from gunfire: +20
Kills 3 others: +75
Throws dead shield at other dudes: +20
Breaks window to moving subway car and jumps in, avoiding gunfire: +30
Puts wet towel on head: -10
Fights lady over his suitcase: +10
Dismantles Johnnycab: +10
Avoids gunfire: +10
Catchphrase: “Sue me, dickhead!”: +20
Johnnycab attacks, Arnold dodges: +10
Great response: “No shit.”: +5
Pulls tracking bug out of nose: +5
Gets rid of tracking device by sticking it in candy bar, which a rat takes: +10
Dressed in drag as old redheaded woman: -20
Drag suit malfunctions: -15
Drag head explodes: +15
Bad guys shoot into Mars vacuum: -10
Arnold hangs on rail to avoid being sucked out: +10
Escapes under door that won’t open now, leaving bad guys stuck: +15
Explosion and gunfire that Arnold avoids: +15
Donates money to mutant girl: +5
Meets chick with 3 boobs: +10
Melina grabs his cock: +20
*Midget hooker checks him out: +10
Slapped by Melina: -10
Melina pulls gun on him: -20
Kicked out of room by Melina: -15
Pulls doctor guy in through door tough: +10
Puts gun up to guy’s face: +10
Blows guy’s brains out on curtains: +30
Spits pill onto him: +15
*Gets kicked in balls by wife: -20
Kidnapped by 3 dudes: -35
Shoots knife out of wife’s hand: +15
Shoots wife in head: +30
Catchphrase: “Consider that a divorce.”: +40
Jump off ledge and hang on building support: +15
Pushes dude off stairs while in hurry: +10
Avoids gunfire: +10
Shoots back: +10
Shoots gun out of guy’s hand: +15
Get through sealed door before it closes: +10
Makes out with Melina: +5
Shoots 2 dudes: +30
Betrayed by Benny: -50
Captured by Cohaagen: -25
Betrayed by Hauser (himself): -75
Punched by douche-bag: -25
Fights memory changer: +10
Rips out of chair: +20
Stabs guy in neck with chair: +30
Hits another guy in face: +25
Kicks shit out of 3 other dudes: +30
Stabs guy in face with crowbar: +30
Clotheslines soldier guy: +15
Trapped by Benny (in a huge drill machine thing): -30
Gets arm ripped up by drill: -20
Drills into oil line, breaking machine: +15
Drills into cockpit, and drills into Benny: +35
Catchphrase: “SCREW YOU!”: +20
Finds reactor: +15
Uses hologram watch to confuse soldiers, pretending to be shot: +25
Hologram stands up and taunts: +25
Walks out from behind corner and shoots soldiers up: +50
Body count is over 10: +100
“You think this is the real Quaid? It is.” then shoots up soldiers: +30
Jumps on moving elevator: +15
Epic duel with douche-bag: +20
Cut’s douche-bag’s arms off: +20
Douche-bag falls to death: +30
Catchphrase: “See you at the party, Richter.”: +15
Throws bomb down elevator shaft: +25
Opens window to Mars: -25
Crawls up chord to activate reactor: +20
Rips bad guy’s hands off ledge and he flies out to Mars, and dies: +50
Activates reactor: +30
Flies out to Mars atmosphere: -40
Face swells up and eyes bulge: -20
Oxygen is released into Mars atmosphere, saving everyone: +100
*Makes out with Melina: +5

Badass level: 1715
Unbadass level: 600
Badass level total: 1115

Length of movie: 113 minutes

Final badass score: 9.86